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Unlock HR user for HR schema in HR connection

While dusting off Oracle SQL Developer on my laptop for some tests via HR schema, I got a very important error message that my password has expired!

I immediately contacted myself and got this going. Took some screenshots along the way because I am pretty sure no one else shared this over the internet.

  1. “ORA-28001: the password has expired”, he said

2. Open a cmd prompt from anywhere and type/open sqlplus, to be able to interact with Oracle, I said

3. Enter user (hr in my case) and pass, oracle  (:P) in my case; Kept it safe but still expired

4. This was the hardest step 🙂

5. Boring

6. Quick test

7. Getting out of this fossil

8. You are now bored, aren’t you?

9. Getting back to that UI, updating with the new password that I set up at step 4

10. Test the connection: Success

11. Back in business

The takeaway for this is to always store your passwords in a safe place (there are a bunch of password safe keeping tools out there) and rely less on your memory for this particular topic.

Of course, there are still ways to continue (unlock user with expired password and set a new one – plenty of documentation available) but are more time consuming and can be easily avoided.

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