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Cum să faci un gard în doi timpi și trei.. luni

Pentru că o porțiune din gard începea un dubios proces de simbioză cu nu-stiu-ce-plantă cățărătoare am decis că e timpul să-l schimbăm. Asta se întâmpla în mai și așa arăta schimbabilul la acea perioadă. 0. Primul pas și cel mai greu a fost să găsim un model de gard (înălțime, distanță între uluci, culoare! etc). Încă nu știam exact cum va fi varianta finală, dar m-am apucat de treabă, ca orice meșter de weekend. 1. […]

Counting Google sheep in Oracle PL/SQL

cute sheep

It’s 2 AM and I can’t sleep. Might be related to the fact that yesterday I celebrated International Cofee Day a bit.. too much 🙂 I guess it’s time to count sheep. Back in 2016, Google thought we need help on this matter so they raised a “Problem A. Counting Sheep” on one of that year’s Code Jam Qualification Round. I think it’s fun to solve it via Oracle PL/SQL since they get along so well and […]

Stack Overflow is 10! 10 reasons you should create a SO account now

happy birthday stack overflow

I just saw on LinkedIn that Stack Overflow turns 10 today. Happy B-Day SO! I remember that I started using the platform about 6-7 years ago on a read only mode when I did my first steps in real programming. I started an account on the platform about 5 years ago while visiting it on a daily basis. I still get help and try to give help on SO today, on a daily basis, so […]

Unlock HR user for HR schema in HR connection

ORA-28001: the password has expired

While dusting off Oracle SQL Developer on my laptop for some tests via HR schema, I got a very important error message that my password has expired! I immediately contacted myself and got this going. Took some screenshots along the way because I am pretty sure no one else shared this over the internet. “ORA-28001: the password has expired”, he said 2. Open a cmd prompt from anywhere and type/open sqlplus, to be able to interact […]

Hello World

hello world

I wanted to write down here all the basic ways I could possible think of / find to spit print “Hello World!” via a programming language to the screen. I could think of a dozen by heart and the next step I did was to google it (daaah). And what a gem have I found!! Without further introduction, ! This website, maintained by Wolfram Rösler, holds not only one of the largest list of programming languages I’ve seen […]